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Nexen Tyres

    Based in South Korea, Nexen is manufacturing pneumatic tyres since 1942. The company induces various technologies in its tyres to improve on-road car handling and control abilities. Nexen is also a sponsor and partner of the English Premier League team Manchester City.

    24 Hour Mobile Tyre Service is a reliable tyre shop stocking Nexen tyres Ebbw Vale. We house all available models of Nexen to cater to diverse driving requirements. Moreover, our experts can also assist you in selecting an ideal set based on your preferences.

    We are now online! You can now order your favourite Nexen tyres Ebbw Vale from the comfort of your home. Please key your car registration details or tyre index on our tyre finder tool to find all available options. We sell Nexen tyres at market best rates.

    Types of Nexen tyres


    Summer tyres from Nexen are manufactured with a harder rubber material with excellent heat distribution ability. This not only improves the braking efficiency but also reduces blowout risks and delivers reliable tyre service life.

  • Winter

    Nexen’s winter variants are manufactured with a softer rubber compound and deeper grooves. These facilitate fast water and slush drainage along with improved grip and traction on wet and challenging surfaces. Coupled with dense sipes, these tyres also offer enhanced stability and cornering precision.

  • All-season

    All-season tyre is a common preference among people searching for “tyres near me” with the aim of cutting back on repeated tyre fitting expenses. These tyres have an asymmetric tread design and intermediate tread depth to provide dependable on-road performance throughout the year in moderate climatic conditions.

  • N’FERA RU1
  • 4x4

    SUV or 4x4 tyres Ebbw Vale are an ideal suit for on- as well as off-roading enthusiasts. These feature a robust tyre carcass and wide shoulder blocks that account for efficient control, grip and stability. 4x4 tyres also have reinforced sidewalls and a rigid centre rib to help them maintain their load-bearing ability on uneven surfaces. We stock three types of 4x4 tyres : highway-terrain (H/T), all-terrain (A/T) and mud-terrain (M/T).

  • N’PRIZ RH7
  • Alongside, we also shelve performance and run flat tyres from a range of brands in premium, mid-range and budget categories.

    So, visit us at 220 King St, Ebbw Vale, NP23 4SY to buy Nexen car tyres Ebbw Vale today! You can also give us a call on 07574 021107 for more information regarding tyres or other products and services.

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