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Continental Tyres

    Continental is a tyre manufacturing company with more than a hundred years of contribution to the industry. Unbeatable cornering control and car handling are keys to their increased preference among car owners searching “tyres near me” in and around Ebbw Vale.

    24 Hour Mobile Tyre Service is a reputed tyre retailer housing all categories of Continental tyres Ebbw Vale. Moreover, our experts can assist customers in selecting an ideal set of tyres based on their driving requirements.

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    You can buy Continental car tyres Ebbw Vale from the comfort of your home by ordering from our website. After entering your car registration number or tyre size details on our tyre finder tool, you can finalise your purchase from available options.

    Available Continental tyre categories


    Continental’s all-season car tyres Ebbw Vale are popular due to their performance reliability in both dry and wet conditions. Moreover, asymmetric tread design and intermediate tread depth facilitate optimal grip and combat aquaplaning risks efficiently.


    Silica-infused rubber compound coupled with deep and unique tread pattern ensure rapid water evacuation to reduce hydroplaning chances. Moreover, Continental induces winter tyres with SnowCurve+ technology for improved snow-track performance.


    Summer variants feature a hard premium rubber compound and shallow tread depth for optimal dry and wet surface control. Optimised rolling resistance and highly efficient heat build-up prevention offers better fuel efficiency and extended tyre life.


    Performance tyres Ebbw Vale are an ideal choice for performance and supercar owners. These have superlative control and manoeuvrability at high speeds, enhancing driving comfort and safety. Innovative rubber compound drastically reduces blowout risks.


    4x4 or SUV car tyres Ebbw Vale. These tyres are manufactured with a robust carcass and a rigid centre rib for uncompromised handling and control. There are 3 types: mud-terrain (M/T), highway-terrain (H/T) and all-terrain (A/T).


    Run-flat tyres Ebbw Vale are a common preference among people looking to enhance on-road driving safety in case of punctures and blowouts. These can continue to perform optimally for nearly 50 miles at speeds up to 50 mph, even after punctures and blowouts.

    Popular Continental tyre models

    • AllSeasonContact
    • ContiWinterContact TS830
    • EcoContact 6 Q
    • ContiSportContact 5P
    • ContiCrossContact A/T
    • PremiumContact 6

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