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Are you looking for Exhausts Service for your vehicle?


Your car’s exhaust system is responsible for ensuring optimum fuel efficiency and maximise driving performance. It also allows your car to funnel out the harmful gases, maintaining a safe cabin atmosphere.

Symptoms like increased engine noise, smoke and reduced fuel efficiency are tell-tale signs of exhaust malfunctioning. If you face similar issues, don’t wait for them to worsen and visit a reliable service station for a thorough inspection of your car’s exhaust.

If you are looking for an “exhaust repairing service near me”, don’t look any further. 24 Hour Mobile Tyre Service is here to help you with all your automotive needs.

Our trained experts are familiar with using cutting-edge technology and perform a thorough inspection of each component of your car’s exhaust system to know the crux of the issue.

Based on the assessment, they will recommend repairs or replacements of the damaged parts. We only use OE-grade parts in order to delivering a prompt, high quality replacement service.

What do our exhaust repairing services Ebbw Vale include?

Being a trusted exhaust servicing garage Ebbw Vale, our experts begin by assessing the following exhaust components:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Catalytic convertor
  • Silencer
  • Tailpipe, etc.

If you have any queries, need our help or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to call us on 07574 021107. Our experts will guide you with the necessary details.

When should you opt for exhaust servicing?

Book a slot with us under the following circumstances:

Increased engine noise: Damage in the catalytic converter or leaking exhaust pipe causes increased engine noise.

Poor acceleration: An exhaust leak reduces your vehicle’s performance by hampering acceleration and power.

Reduced fuel efficiency: Damage in your exhaust system negatively impacts your car’s fuel efficiency.

Strong burning smell: If you perceive a burning smell, please book an appointment with us as quickly as possible. If this smell or even smoke enters your vehicles’ cabin, it can be very dangerous for your health and safety!

Corrosion on the exhaust pipe: Your car’s exhaust pipe is constantly exposed to moisture, gradually leading to corrosion.

Please note: Your vehicle will fail its annual MOT test if any exhaust issues are detected.

So, why affect your driving experience and safety due to these issues? Visit our exhaust servicing garage Ebbw Vale at 220 King Street, Ebbw Vale, NP23 4SY for expert assistance.

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