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The braking system is the most critical safety mechanism in a car, and its failure can cause potentially life-threatening accidents. Thus, routine brake maintenance is a must for any car owner as brake parts wear down and need to be serviced and replaced on time.

24 Hour Mobile Tyre Service is a reputable workshop in Ebbw Vale, providing a host of auto services, including brake repairs and replacements. Our highly trained technicians have access to advanced tools and equipment and OE-grade spares for efficient servicing.

Common causes of brake failure in vehicles

Brake parts like brake discs, pads, calipers, drums, pipes, etc., have a limited lifespan. Thus, routine checks from a reliable brake repairing garage Ebbw Vale like us is crucial.

The following is a list of common causes of a faltering braking system.

Worn-out brake pads

Brake pads wear out quickly with frequent and hard braking and might need a replacement before the end of their standard lifespan. Rough and excessive use can also overheat the brake pads, making them too hard or brittle to work properly.

Leaking brake fluid

The hydraulic fluid transfers force exerted on the brake pedal to the discs via brake pipes/hoses. Any holes or cracks in the system can cause leaks, causing fluid pressure loss, thus making the brakes ineffective.

Damaged brake booster

It works with the master cylinder to increase the force exerted by the pedal via vacuum or hydraulic pump. Without this part working properly, pressing the brake pedal will require more force to stop the car.

Common warning signs of brake failure

    • A damaged caliper or brake hose can cause your car to pull in one direction when braking.
    • Does your car's brake pedal judder or vibrate? It's likely the brake rotors have lost their alignment.
    • A high-pitched metallic squealing noise on applying the brakes is a sign of brake pad wear. To avoid rotor damage, contact us for brake replacement services Ebbw Vale.
    • A burning or a sharp chemical smell after repeated braking is a sign of overheated brakes.

If you are looking for "brake repairing services near me", we are a go-to destination for the best-in-class repairing services and replacement of parts.

Please drive over to our workshop to make sure your car is in perfect working order. You will find us at 220 King Street, Ebbw Vale, NP23 4SY.

Furthermore, to cater to 100% customer satisfaction, we also offer a 24-hour breakdown recovery service for everyone who needs urgent help. Our team will reach your location on time for prompt assistance.

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